Dial 641-715-3800 access code 810156#

Then press:

“1” for Q & A call

“2” for Testimonies

“3” for More Testimonies

“4” for Introduction to Coastal

“5” for the Marketing Plan/ Pay Plan

“6” for the Overview of Coastal

Overview of Coastal.......800-628-8015 (same as pressing 6 above)

Marketing Plan/ Pay Plan.......800-628-6435 (same as pressing 5 above)

FAX ON DEMAND* (FOD) Number.......732-463-6423
*Dial this number from your fax machine to receive documents.

Request Document Number:

1. Level I Opportunity Information Profile

2. Level II Opportunity Information Profile

3. Level III Opportunity Information Profile

4. The Welcome/Training Packet & Business Building Tool

5. Package Renewal Notice & Application/Condo Specials (Samples)

6. Order Form for over 100 Bonus Vacations with Coastal Vacation Card

7. Coastal Vacations Condo Order Form

8. Coastal Automated Marketing System (800#, Web sites, Response Mailer and Hot Cards)

9. Current Financing Information (If available)

10. Coastal Training Seminar Info & Itinerary

11. Coastal Literature and Sales Aids Form

These Documents may also be printed from the Business Opportunity Site under 'Support System'.